Our specialized recruitment business: Talent-27

At Talent-27 we believe that recruitment is all about providing niche, bespoke solutions to our Clients. We add value over the long term, and believe in building enduring partnerships, rooted in genuine, personal relationships.

We take pride in knowing our Client’s needs and culture, and seek to place the most suitable qualified candidates, without comeback.

We guarantee integrity, trust and uncompromising standards of service. Our Clients are our livelihood, and we ensure they know they are central to our business.

We would love the opportunity to fill a role for you in your business. We offer standard contingent recruitment as well as candidate mapping solutions.

Candidate Mapping Solutions

A unique and proactive approach to forecasting mid/long-term hiring needs and cultivating organizational support for new roles.

Let us bridge the gap between a company’s goals and the personnel you need to hire in order to reach them.

If your company has a potential project or tender on the horizon, or you are just looking to see what skill sets are out there, we will map the marketplace to identify and get candidate ‘buy-in’ so that when your project gets the green light, you have a current, live, active pool of qualified candidates that you can tap into.

This fixed-cost process will save you money and vastly reduce your recruitment time, ultimately helping you fill your vacancies in a more calculated and strategic manner.

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