Software Services

We approach all software projects using the Scrum approach.

Product Owner

Specs  the project and creates a prioritized wish list called a product backlog.

Sprint planning

The team pulls a small chunk from the top of the product backlog, and decides how to implement.


The team has a certain amount of time — a sprint –  to complete its work.

Daily scrum

The team meets daily to assess each team members’ progress and identify any obstacles.


Keeps the team focused on its goal and constantly manages the allocation of resources.  

Complete product

Following testing, the work should be ready to hand to a customer or show to a stakeholder. 


The sprint ends with a sprint review and retrospective in order to maximize learning. 

Begin again

The team chooses another chunk of the product backlog and begins working again.  


We absolutely love how Blockchain technology has become a household name recently. We first started working in this space 5 years ago, mining it, extending it, writing Dapps, authoring Smart Contracts, automatically trading….you name it, we’ve done it. Most recently we developed the technical whitepaper and the development roadmap for a very successful ICO. Be it the development of a new currency, a new token or just for consulting, we can help.

Web Development

We love the web, HTML, CSS, JS/ES & JSON are our jam! We have delivered projects in most of the popular JS Frameworks such as Angular, Aurelia & React. As for presentation frameworks, we love Bootstrap and Material. We have adopted TypeScript for most of our latest products, we find it keeps us clean and structured with fewer UI errors.

On the server-side, we have been developing most of our RESTful APIs using Web API. We have found this to be a highly stable, secure platform which serves requests to both our Web and Mobile apps. In so doing, we keep our UI as thin as possible, keeping all business logic in our Infrastructure layer which is queried by our API.

Our backend code is predominantly C#, with a strong emphasis on SOLID and pattern programming utilizing CQRS, Repository, DDD & MVC.

Mobile Development

Apps are everywhere, and chances are that you need an app for your business! We have delivered projects using Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Droid, Xamarin Forms & React Native.

When we develop apps for customers, there are a number of questions we need to ask to decide on the best approach to use;

If your budget is tight, we will often opt for a Xamarin Forms or React Native project which outputs iOS, Android and Windows Phone (Xamarin Forms).
If UX design is important, and there is a desire to use certain features that are platform specific, we will opt to develop separate projects for each platform.

Platform Development

Sometimes there is an existing piece of software that will work for your needs. It may just need some configuring. There is no need to get complicated.

We actively support the following platforms:
Accounting: Freshbooks, SageOne, Xero, ZohoBooks
CMS: DotNetNuke, Drupal, Orchard CMS, Magento, MS Sharepoint, WordPress, Joomla
CRM: Base, Insightly, MS Dynamics, Zoho
eCommerce: Shopify, wooCommerce
Payment gateways: Sagepay, Payfast, Paygate


If it’s just some advise or guidance that you are looking for, we are happy to help you. On-site consultation, workshops, Skype or email. Whatever works for you!