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Keep updated with what’s going on at the Lab

Let’s All Empower SA… come along, build an app with us! 150 150 wazza

Let’s All Empower SA… come along, build an app with us!

From Pain to Progress

While it has been the most traumatic and saddening time for our beloved country, we have found strength and inspiration in how our communities have come together. From the men and ladies on the frontline to all those precious souls who have provided food, nappies, and many other forms of support, it has just been the greatest honour to witness.

In seeing all the contributions being made, we as a local software company decided to put our current projects aside for a period and give our time and expertise to developing an app that will help us all during this time, and going forward.

Though we would like to believe it will “all return to normal” and look forward to being part of the healing on that journey, the simple reality is that our police and security forces are too stretched, and will remain so for a while at best. What we have witnessed is how essential it is to be able to mobilise as communities and provide our own security. This is something as a nation we should be proud of, it makes us stronger!

And so with the view that we may need to, for whatever reason, support ourselves and our vulnerable again, we aim to deliver a working tool that can be used (almost) immediately.

As tech nerds on the front line, we have seen just how much value a more streamlined and “tech-enabled” approach to our security formations and activities will be. We look forward to enabling many features, but for now we are going to focus on shift / volunteer management and structured communication.  Ambitiously, we are targeting a week to delivery. The app will also have a feature to support members who wish to put themselves forward for leadership roles.

We appeal to all our members to add their names to the form here and below, and put forward your suggestions for features you would like to add to the app. We want this app to be “Ours”. We aim to enable EVERYONE to create structured and functional communities, that can in turn function together as wider communities. All communities, Everyone! No fear, no favour. Let us reach out and lend a hand to All in need.

Please share far and wide and send your suggestions by completing the form.

Guys and girls, a huge thank you for all you are doing out there! We pray that through this difficult time, we as a nation use the experience to find each other again.

Keep cool heads and let us rebuild our lovely country and show the world just what we can do here, when others might say it’s impossible.

Much love to All

Warren, Brendan and the Lab27 team

(Link to form: https://forms.office.com/r/7RXRSn3B25)