About Us

27 is the Dialing Code for South Africa. We are a proudly South African company with global reach.
Here’s a glimpse of who we are and what we do…

Our Mission

To be a tech company that partners with industry experts, to create systems that add value and provide the competitive advantage. A lab to launch innovative ideas, build exceptional teams and have fun while doing so!


We thrive on being at the forefront of technology. Blockchain, IoT and crypto currencies are all the buzz right now, yet we already have 5 years of experience in this field. Your idea, partnered with our knowledge could be the next killer app!

Long lasting partnership

We prefer to partner with our clients to form strong, mutually beneficial long term business relationships. In other words we like to co-LAB-orate (see what we did there).

Cost / Quality balance

We have made our pricing structure really simple so that there are no surprises when it comes to paying for your apps. We have a high standard and focus on delivering the absolute best quality work possible.

Full Stack

We are a full stack dev house. This means that we can develop any type of software application, be it for mobile, desktop, server or cloud. In addition we support a host of cloud platforms. If you can find something new, please let us know – we are keen to learn.

The Team

We have an awesome handpicked team, each with their own unique areas of Excellence. Our developers become Seniors through our in-house internship program.

(Founder and CTO)

Warren Schwartz

Warren has 22 years experience in software and loves discovering new tech. Warren is a speed-reader with a mind like a sponge. It is Warren’s passion for creating value that gave birth to the Lab in 2018, when he decided he had more value to offer by leveraging his entrepreneurial spirit. Warren is a Cross-Fit coach, no stranger to heavy lifting..

(Founder and CFO)

Brendan Greene

Brendan is a Chartered Accountant with 20 years experience in commercial operations and general management. Aside from managing the finances, Brendan consults on all enterprise applications to understand the customer’s business requirement in order to hand a detailed specification to the Dev team. Brendan digs trail running and trout fishing, and is a big Doge fan.

(Founder and Non-Exec Chairman)

Andrew (The Don) Campbell

Andrew is also a Chartered Accountant and has started many successful businesses spanning Fuel, Logistics, Manufacturing, Property and Professional Services. Andrew provides guidance and inspiration at every turn. He loves golf and can often be found perfecting his swing, which is starting to look quite good!

(Project manager)

Lesley Schwartz

Lesley is passionate about the office and team vibe, and keeps all projects on track. She leads our daily stand ups and owns the Lab’s marketing and events initiatives. 


Jordan van Zyl

Jordan has 4 years experience in coding, is a talented lead guitarist and an avid surfer, which makes Salt Rock the perfect place to be. A background in gaming development, means he is familiar with full stack. We also use his skills with design when doing mockups in-house.


Almo Smith

Almo started coding when he was 12 years old (He says “proficiently” since 16) so he has 15 (or 11) years coding experience. Almo loves finding solutions to complex problems, with a particular flair for mobile app development, where he favors the React Native and Flutter frameworks. Almo is a keen marksman and loves to fire off some rounds in his off time at the shooting range.


Brendan Stockigt

Brendan has 3 years development experience, also in the gaming space. A gifted young man, Brendan picks up new tech extremely fast and is rapidly making his home in Full Stack. He is a skipper, a SCUBA dive master, and an avid surfer and sea fisherman. 

(Talent Manager)

Wayne Ferreira

Wayne is a passionate, energetic and seasoned recruiter with 16 years local and international (EMEA) experience. Wayne loves to source talent and build relationships. Having sourced and placed talent for the Lab, we got into discussions about growing our very own specialized in-house recruitment offering, which Wayne heads up. Wayne is a social animal, loves a braai and beach time with mates and can also be found chasing a little white ball around on the weekend.

How we work

We believe that creating software is a craft. Our workflow reflects that with multiple checks and balances to catch exceptions. We have multiple “eyes” look over the product from various angles to ensure ease of use, and a great overall user experience.

1. Identifying Your Needs

For a custom app we start with a full-day workshop hosted by us, to dream, envisage and prioritize what your app will eventually become. For platform based apps, an initial meeting to figure out your needs is all it takes.

2. Sprint Planning

After your workshop/initial meeting  we will be able to give you a pretty accurate gauge of how many sprints your app will require and we’ll be able to tell you what you can expect after the first sprint.

3. Developing

This is the part where the developers turn coffee into code.  Due to the flexibility of the Agile method, we can easily change direction if your business needs change over time. We guarantee that at the end of each sprint, you will have a trial product that you can test & use.

Where we work

Salt Rock could easily become the Silicon Valley of South Africa. We have sun, surf and opportunities galore! Everyday, better in every way! Lab27 is based in Linc Campus which is 5 minutes from the beach. On campus, Wonderland serves the best coffee on the North Coast, Kuza wellness keeps you fit in their gym & relaxed/pampered in their spa. Little Linc schools your small children and Linc College guides our future leaders. We believe that the people make the place – and there are AWESOME people that make coming to work everyday such fun.